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POSami™ Nigeria™

Welcome! POSami™ .Smart.POS.Aggregation

The POSami™ is an IDEA Company in the POINT OF SALE Services AGGREGATION Environment, We brigde the GAP between Access and Actuality. We ACQUIRE.AGGREGATE and SERVE the Nigeria’s Increasing Demand for Alternative Access to PAYMENT Service and Technology.

Our Vision

Our Trust is Creating Services that bridge the GAP between Access and Actuality in a Reliable and Sustainable Manner.

Our Mission

Our Business is creating Sustainable Value in Service Delivery, providing Smart and Workable Simple Solutions for Innovation and Better Living.

POSami™ || The Company.
Our Passion.
Our Culture.
Our Attitude.
Our Business.

The POSami™ Nigeria Company is a Total Quality Management company, Our Company is a Yes! Company.

Our Passion is a "CAN DO" Culture with a Positive Attitude towards whatever that We Do translating into a Yes! Business.

Our Corporate Culture revolves round the Seal to creating an environment and engagement of Relational Friendship around our adventure of service and a tenacity to sustain a passion for Excellence.

Our Attitude is persistent; seeing all missions as a Possible adventure, always believing in the Yes Spirit, with the focus on Excellence as the only standard for achieving Success.

Our Business is creating sustainable value in service delivery, providing smart and workable simple solutions for a better living. Our Business is a Yes! an Adventure of breaking new frontiers in simple payment services.

Our POS Service is an Alternative Card Payment-Withdrawal Adaptation Services, yielding to the yearning of Business Owners and Agent Banking Service Providers for a POS Service remodeled technology for the need of the unbanked communities.

Card-Withdrawal Service
Expanded Service Points
Strategic Business Adaptation

POSami™ POS Services are designed to cater for the Need of Classes of Agent Banking Business Providers:
POSami™ POS Agency™
POSami™ mPOS™

Each of the POS Service is designed for varing Cost Effectiveness, Fund Settlement Methods, Device Functionality and Location Adaptivity.

POSami™ Service.™


Card-Withdrawal Service
Expanded Service Points
Strategic Business Adaptation


POSami™ Terminals

  •  POSami™ POS Agency™
  •  POSami™ POS BuyOFF™
  •  POSami™ mPOS™

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