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Terms of Terminal Acquisition.

The POSami™ is an IDEA Company in the POINT OF SALE Services AGGREGATION Environment, We brigde the GAP between Access and Actuality. We ACQUIRE.AGGREGATE and SERVE the Nigeria’s Increasing Demand for Alternative Access to PAYMENT Service and Technology.


POSami™ POS Agency Service: POSami™ POS Agency™ Service is NOT a TERMINAL SALES Service; this implies POSami™ DOES NOT SELL POS Terminals to AGENTS and MERCHANTS that SUBSCRIBE to POSami™ POS Agency but charges a One-Time RENTAL FEE.

POSami™ POS BuyOFF: POSami™ POS BuyOFF™ Service is a TERMINAL SALES Service for AGENTS and MERCHANT who require to BUY OFF a POS Terminal. POSami™ SELLs OFF the POS Terminals to the AGENTS and MERCHANTS and require to Onboard the Terminals on any of our BANK TRADE PARTNERS.

POSami™ Refund Policy: POSami™ operate 100% Money Back Guarranty on any of our POSami™ POS Terminals provided the ACQUIRER had only Acquired the Terminal in the Last 30 Days, 50% Money Back Guarranty if Terminal is Acquired within the Last 90 Days and 25% Money Back Guarranty if Terminal is Acquired within the Last 180 Days and there shall be NO ReFund whatsoever if Terminal had been Acquired over 180 Days Period.However, this Refund Policy is attest to POSami™ POS Agency™ Service ONLY.

POSami™ Retrieval: POSami™ Reserve the Right to RETRIEVE and Refund any POS TERMINAL ACQUIRER at any given time based on this TERMS and CONDITIONS.

The POS TERMINAL is a Sole Property of POSami™, a NAIRAMI™ NIGERIA LIMITED Company or of any of our BANK TRADE PARTNERS in Nigeria. All Liabilities of the ACQUIRER of the POS TERMINAL is on the responsibility of POSami™ NAIRAMI™ in Nigeria.

POSami™ Fraud Policy: All Transactional Fraud or Misgiving done on POSami™ shall be the Liability of the ACQUIRER and POSami™ reserve the Right to disengage the usage of any Terminal for whatever unethical Grounds. 

POSami™ Transaction Service Fee: POSami™ TRANSACTION SERVICE FEE is the Stipulated MERCHANT SERVICE FEE as regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria and our Partner Financial Institutions. POSami™ prevaling TRANSACTION SERVICE FEE is determined by the Ongoing Fee of our Trade Partners. However, POSami™, our Bank Partners and ACQUIRER bear the COST of the Central Bank of Nigeria STAMP DUTY CHARGE from Time-To-Time when it is necessary to assume such Costs.

Every Transactions performed on the POSami™ POS Terminals are settled INSTANTLY or within 24 Hours depending on the Ongoing Mode of Settlement of our Trade Partners.